The Power of NGO to Transform Society

Dear Friends,

I am about to publish a book about NGO and as well start one. I am sharing with you the first draft of my introductory chapter. I would like to know your views and comments. If you are interested to work with me in my new NGO projects, please contact me.


Organization for Unskilled & Skilled


About us


Building nation by building individuals!

To provide higher secondary education to appear for the certificate course conducted by Board of Higher Secondary Open Education, BHSOE (an autonomous board registered by NCT Delhi, Govt. of India) and job-oriented skills training to the unskilled laypersons—both in urban and rural settings—and change them responsive and productive citizen of our nation.

We will provide employment for all unemployed skilled workers and professionals in the service of the unskilled by utilizing the government and private resources available both in urban and rural settings of our nation.

Our skill training courses – both certificate and on-job – will be fully aligned with our nation building program under various ministries, in order to strengthen – moral, economy, and social justice infrastructure of our country.


Mission Statement

We will select underprivileged laypeople (age-group: 15 to 50) and provide them higher secondary level (12 std.) education by means of night schools (8:00 to 10:00 p.m.) in different locations such as government or private school campuses. Our educational program includes all the three level—soul, body, and intellect (SBI)—of human personality.

Our job-oriented skills training programs (see training programs) will be conducted as on-job training in the normal working hours for the eligible candidates.

Educational Course

3-Layer Human Personality Development—Soul, body, and intellect (SBI)

1. Soul

Teaching Schedule

Assembly prayer: 8:00-8:15 p.m. daily
Moral education: 8:00-9:30 p.m. every Saturday
Total hours per week = 2:45 hours

Human personality is being a combination of three different features such as soul, body, and mind. Persons those who are academically successful are not morally or bodily stood strong in their life. Among the three areas of human personality, soul is an eternal being that cannot be destroyed. For our livelihood we rely more on our intellectual success and less depend on our soul or bodily success.

In a cycle wheel—the tier, tube, and air combined contributes to the smooth rotation of the wheel. In these three combinations, weakness in any one of the three areas will affect the movement of the wheel. Similarly, there are academically bright peoples progress was seriously arrested either by moral weakness or by physical handicap. The  main reason for their fall was due to their ignorance regarding their soul which lives only by moral powers.

Once people cross their 50s they are able to recognize the decay in their bodily growth and they start doing some physical exercises. Similarly, when people fall morally into some sort of sinful activities that their neighbor or society hats. Then they start recognize the importance of moral good behaviors but they are not able to come out of such bad habits. As we spend long hours to develop our intellectual capacity, in the same manner, we need to give enough time to build the spiritual potential that is in our soul. As we eat daily for the growth and energy requirements we need to nourish our soul part of our personality.

In order to equip them with good moral strength, in our educational program we have allocated assembly prayer 15 minutes at the beginning of the class daily and 1:30 hours of moral education program at every Saturday. At the end of the course along with other regular subjects examination there will be a moral education examination.


2. Body

Teaching Schedule

Physical exercise class: 9:45-10:00 p.m. daily
Physical education: 9:30-11:00 p.m. every Saturday
Total hours per week = 2:45 hours

Sound mind needs a sound body, if not always! Educated people in the urban cities, at least some privileged people able to do some regular exercise in order to keep themselves physically fit. However, this is not true with the rest of the city people. Due to the current global recession most of the working class people are come under tremendous pressure and they are mostly working in three different shifts. This shift system affects their sleeping habits in addition to affect their time of exercise in the morning. So, at the most hardly 20-30% people may be able to maintain their bodily exercise.

When we look into the rural scenario, comparatively, there is less exercise required due to the routine involvement of physical labour people involved in. But if we analyze the farm-workers situation, as they getting world slowly their bodily powers comes down. In order to become an efficient and lengthy physical strength they too need regular boy exercise.

In order to equip them with good physical strength, in our educational program we teach physical exercise 15 minutes at the end of the class daily and 1:30 hours of physical education training program at every Saturday. At the end of the course along with other regular subjects examination there will be a physical education examination.


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